Thursday, April 24, 2014

What To Wear To A Wedding

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Over the Easter weekend, Mario and I attended a friends wedding in Cottesloe. A beautiful warm sunny day was just perfect for what turned out to be a beautiful wedding. As the Father of the Groom later spoke of in his speech, when a wedding invitation arrives, for a woman, it is coded with meaning. It gives instructions such as, buy a new dress, shoes and earrings, get nails done and ensure a new stick of (sometimes waterproof) mascara is on hand. Mario as the MC for the evening later followed this up by pointing out that he too, received the 'coded' wedding invite, as he suited up in a new tailored get up. He did a pretty good job, no? I think this is actually the first time I have featured Mario up on the blog- despite him repeatedly and kindly taking photos for me and helping me with rebranding and design jobs (the new site is still coming!). So, this is Mario- funny, ever kind, supportive and the best friend I never knew I needed.

When I received 'the coded' invitation, I thought, 'Yay! An excuse to buy another dress!' (Although could have admittedly used it as a chance to wear a perfectly suitable one that I already own!) So began scouring online for one, short listing a few before deciding to snap up this one by one of my absolute favourite Australian labels Ellery.

Below I have added a lookbook of dresses that could easily have suited attending a wedding. I think the key is to keep in mind: tasteful shape, avoid black or neon and potentially avoid white (unless you check it is okay). It is a good opportunity to wear colour and print, just to mix things up. Above all, dress for your shape, make sure you are comfortable and enjoy!  

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