Sunday, March 30, 2014

Isabel Marant Scarlet

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Isabel Marant Scarlet Boots, Witchery Waterfall Tee, Isabel Marant Sequin Vest, Dr. Denim Jeans, Kailis Pearl Necklace 

After I bought these boots, which ticked the box of 'having lusted after for months and found on sale' Nadine (of Modern Girls in Vintage Pearls) commented that she looked forward to seeing how I style them. Well Nadine, this post is for you. Shot weeks ago, first thing on a Sunday morning, sleepy eyed and with a hint of the Sunday morning grimace. 

For the first 'blog-post-wear' I went for all black but textural. Actually to list cotton, denim, leather, suede, pony hair and sequin together sounds like a recipe for overkill, but sticking to black on black, it works. This vest is one of my unnecessary pieces, it serves no function other than to accessorise, and yet I seem to pack it to take with me whenever I relocate. There are so many sequins sewn into it it is something like chain-mail or a birds feathers. I love to wear all black and keeping things interesting with textures makes all the difference. This sequin vest thrown over a silk top or dress adds weight, layered under a blazer adds a flash of sparkle. Had I bought it in another colour I would have sold it on eBay years ago, but in black, it is less over the top and more grunge. Think Blondie not Beyonce. (PS. As I JUST DON'T GET Beyonce, NEVER think of me and Beyonce, please. Just don't!)

One of my favourite ways to mix black textures is with a lace top or dress and leather motorcycle jacket. As I have just decided to keep my leather pants, I look forward to pairing them with a chunky black long cardigan waiting for me to come collect it from storage when I visit Adelaide in May. I am SUPER excited to get back there, if not to see everyone, to stop thinking about my boxes of clothes. (Mum, I am looking forward to seeing you too, but I admittedly think about my boxes quite a bit. Particularly the Hermes, Moschino and silk pieces I left behind. Sorry.) 
So that is my tip… buy it in black, mix up the textile and team with a natural hair and makeup look to avoid any issues with looking 'goth'. 
Oh, and Rock and Roll, NEVER Pop-RnB.
xx Jenelle
Shots by Mario Recchia
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