Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Funkita Swimwear

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At the beginning of January, Funkita launched its latest collection, We The People, and asked me to pick a piece to road test and share on the blog. I did, they sent it and it went missing. Months later, the package was found somewhere in my workplace (I had everyone looking!), now passed the summer expiration date and long passed the collection launch. Incidentally I did not wish to go back on my word, so decided to go ahead and shoot the story. Luckily it coincided with a warm afternoon while I was staying at a hotel with a decent pool. 
I previously talked about Funkita on the blog back here. This suit is a sporty one piece perfect for lap swimming, and general training. The print is a sailor inspired design, complete with anchors, an octopus, a walrus or two and all sorts of themed type. As with the last pair from Funkita, I find the print a little too busy (I am not much of a print person), but love the blue and white and quality of the suit. This is certainly an excellently made and designed suit perfect for swimming workouts. It is modestly cut and an excellent suit for wearing to a gym pool. 

Designed for full support and no fuss training, the cut is higher across the chest, with double bind shoulder straps, and modest rear coverage. The fabric is chlorine resistant, and feels soft- almost like a cotton. This classic cut is available in a huge range of prints and colours. This one is $84.95, and is obviously designed to be worn regularly and last for a long time. I would suggest going one size up, as the Funkita pieces are on the smaller side. 

As I said with my last swimsuit blog post- find that one here, these shots were taken with the same respect to the garment and treatment as I would my regular outfit shoots. The images are only altered to enhance the lighting, not to shrink my size (which I have no doubt you can tell, I am 30 after all!) and similarly not intended to simply 'show off' my skin. As someone who had previously relied on my genes for a slim figure, I regularly work out and am noticing muscle tone developing as well as strength. At the moment I am working with a personal trainer and spending time using power plates- which I love. I could not stress enough how much better I feel for the effort, or how much fun it can be. Our bodies are meant to move after all. I have also revisited figure skating of late, something I spent a lot of time doing growing up, and love it. I think I will have to share a story about the type of training I have been doing (with JP Active- find them here), and perhaps may shoot some of the ice rink fun. 
xx Jenelle
Shots by Mario Recchia
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