Thursday, January 9, 2014

Clean Slate

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Sportsgirl Blouse (similar here), ASOS Culottes, ASOS Catazari Hat, Alexander Wang Heels (similar here).

I nearly sent these creamy culottes back when I received them. I wasn't convinced that I loved the lining or if I would actually wear them. Believe it or not (cause I hardly did!) it was my partner Mario who insisted I keep them, and reassured me he wouldn't run away from me if I wore them around him. I swear I thought he would have the opposite reaction from the minute I committed them to my cart. However, when paired with this white blouse, or any of my striped or spotted blouses, cropped tops, cami's or cropped jackets, it actually works beautifully. Happy days! With this level of wide leg swishy culottes- heels are an elegant touch that commits you to a fun day, however I have also admittedly paired these with my white Bikenstocks and felt that they equally worked and kept me in comfort. I will also mention that in that ensemble I was even asked to come work for a rather cool fashion label. 
Down with culottes and birks. Nice. Also, worth mentioning, these babies are under $35 now on sale.

This midi length is one which I am happy to have explored to mix things up. It feels rather feminine and classic, while also ensuring that your pins aren't constantly on show. I rarely wear all white or cream, purely because I am quite skilled at spilling things- paint, coffee, food, ink... and I feel this is just asking for it. However, I do love how fresh and crisp this feels. There are times, in my black attire that I feel it comes across as a little hostile, which I am not. So, once in a while, a clean slate and a lot of white is a welcome change. See, look I am happy! :) 
Also, does anyone else think I am dressed inspired by Colonel Sanders? :) Meh.
Shots by Mario Recchia
xx Jenelle
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  1. I think this is one of my favourite outfits you have worn! It's so fresh and romantic without being too try-hard. I've also tried the white on white trend and lets just say with kids it's impossible to not get anything dirty. Thank goodness for napisan! x

  2. I actually love this outfit on you! So clean and very European! xx