Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Check In

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Catch up days/ mornings are nice. Just checking in with to do lists and those 2014 resolutions I posted about a few weeks ago. :) 
My exercise training has been fun, so far I am mainly boxing and doing other cardio, stretches and a little yoga. I love that I can take out pent up aggression boxing, and it channels into something beneficial. I was planning to give myself this month of January to build up some strength doing PT before I try out some different activities. The list of activities to try is long! I have bought a bunch of Scoopon passes to go ice skating and indoor rock climbing (but am waiting for the school holidays to finish so I can go- kid free).
Some friends and I are going to try aerial yoga classes. Not sure what to expect, but it is worth a go.

As you can see from my flatlay here, I have recently gotten into Women's Fitness Magazine. There is a lot in each issue, from food to fitness and well-being. I think there are a number of similar magazines on the market, but this reads as modern and not too 'over fifty'. (Sorry guys!)
Also pictured in this flatlay of sorts is my fave new perfume, Kikki-K 2014 diary, Missoni home towel, Ecoya Christmas soy candle and Green Smoothie Co personalized sachets.
I love the flexibility of the pre-made sachets from the Green Smoothie Co, I can take one along with a few fresh ingredients to work with me and make sure I get a good dose of vitamins and minerals. I got one mixed pack so I could try one of each blend. I must say I love them. I haven't often made a cacao blend but the Crazy for Cacao sachet, combined with almond milk, fresh strawberries and banana was really good. Probably more natural sugar than I need, but a nice treat. I also loved the Super Booster blend. Iv'e been making green smoothies for a while now, but with these I tried some of the Green Smoothie Co recommended recipes. It was the first time I had blended an avocado into the smoothies, which makes them a lot creamier in texture, but I found the avocado flavour to be a little over powering. If I stick to a quarter of an avocado per smoothie, it's all good.
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