Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cecile Zebra

 photo Etre-Cecile-Zebra-3_zps363e1d0c.jpg
 photo Etre-Cecile-Zebra-5_zpsec7a9b97.jpg photo Etre-Cecile-Zebra-1_zpse320f2fa.jpg
 photo Etre-Cecile-Zebra-4_zpsddd1e9c2.jpg
 photo Converse-and-Acne-Studios_zps62dc5204.jpg
Etre Cecile Tee, Acne Shorts, Converse

Recently I was gifted this fun Etre Cecile tee for some work I'd been doing, which I was happy to have in my collection. In terms of looking at how I would style it, I was thinking along the lines of skinny jeans, heels and aviators, but on this particular day, I was literally kicking around in it paired with Acne shorts. Shorts and a tee feels very off duty, relaxed, and while I tend to steer toward black, I guess it makes a nice change.
Shots by Mario Recchia
xx Jenelle
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