Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Etre Cecile

 photo Outfit-Etre-Cecile-Ellery-Med-4_zps7eb55d00.jpg

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 photo Outfit-Etre-Cecile-MED-2_zpsf369a0ab.jpg
Etre Cecile Tee, Vintage Blazer, Ellery Skirt, Chloe Boots, Ray-Bans.

This may be the only 'outfit' post I have from Perth Fashion Festival, somehow, due to the events being at night, I would not get time to shoot before. Also I always seem to be running into a show from another event. Over the weekend though, I went to the Fashion Central shows to check out the swimwear and in-store runways. These shots were taken on our lunch break... you can tell by my grumpy face I was starving! :)

Am in love with both Etre Cecile and Ellery, they are so modern and cool. I can not get enough.
Also my sprained ankle still causing me grief and massively swollen meant I was told "You can NOT be wearing heels Jenelle!" Doctors orders, so I was resigned to flats- and somewhat had to re-plan my outfits. Thank goodness for ankle boots.
Photos by Heidy

xx Jenelle
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  1. That top is so good! Love the leopard print mixed with those colours. Hope your ankle's feeling better post-PFF!

    1. Thanks Lisa, I love Etre Cecile! Uh, my ankle is so annoying! Still swollen and I am in flats 24/7! It'll pass. Hope all is well! x