Tuesday, February 19, 2013


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Katherine Dunmill necklige, Tigerlily tank, Betty Tran skirt, L.A.M.B. heels

During the Perth Fashion Festival I was blown away by the collection from Betty Tran.
Bright, bold, striking and confident, with beautiful fabrics and cuts, I could see why the collection had recently show to success at NYFW. I had my eye on this skirt in particular, I love the line, and strong emerald colour. Upon visiting Betty Tran in her new store, I discovered a plethora of beautiful pieces, it would be easy to pick a new wardrobe. The lovely Betty Tran styled me in so many pieces, I lost count, and wanted it all. Alas, I decided to stick with this skirt, as it had been on my mind for so long, although a pair of tailored trousers in the colour pictured below, were hard to walk away from. I think I am hanging out to wear this skirt during the Cabaret Festival, but wanted to show it off at least once while in Perth. This UWA location has some impressive architecture, not unlike the Adelaide Uni campus. I think I accidentally visited the top photo spots for wedding photographers in the last week, but I really just wanted to share them with you. Paired here with the Katherine Dunmill necklige, these are some of my favourite pieces care of WA.

Below are some of the photos I took of Betty Tran's collection on the PFF2012 runway.

 photo 7ff86475-c2ad-4fcc-9fdf-0406b35207e0_zpsc8d1d1e3.jpg

 photo 2b889bfd-16d7-4091-977c-88ea12e8b8b1_zps602a37e5.jpg

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  1. that skirt is such a gorgeous cut and colour. love the statement necklace too!


  2. amazing pic all are. its gud idea to share own pic make our best wedding website design.

  3. Stunning!! That skirt and necklace are to die for.
    Beautiful photos.
    x kirsty

  4. In love with this look,
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  5. Lovely colours, it looks amazing with your eyes! I'm a new follower..

  6. wow .! You look perfect .! This skirt is amazing <3 pretty .! ;)

  7. Great skirt. Would you like us to follow each other?

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