Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Designer Capsule #2

On a night which began with such a bang via the WA Designer Collections, the bar had been raised so high, I didn't know if it could be matched. However, the Designer Capsule 2, did exactly that. I am pretty sure I was so excited by it all that I tweeted "Garth Cook wins at life!!" SO TRUE. 
Uh, that man. You are in for a treat...

Steph Audino
Inspired by the ocean, (not hard to see why! I get to look at it each day as I stay in Scarborough on the ocean front! Amazing!) Steph Audino created 'Seaside Sanctuary'. With luxurious fabrics, beautiful pastels (lots of lavender, my favourite), delicate beading and long drape silhouettes, this collection is fit for a resort princess. Check out the incredible flaming red hair of this gorgeous model below. There were audible gasps as she walked. Amazing.

Kim Barton
Bold, bright, in your face (and it will make you smile, and maybe walk into things if you aren't looking where you are walking) is the super cool collection from Kim Barton for summer. This is just so fun and wearable. The colours are incredible and scream 'pair me with something simple, natural beauty and lets get on with our day'. The pieces are clean, simple and minimal, (which is perfection) paired with incredible styling, great shoes with cute sock details, wreaths, scarves and bright modern jewellery by Alexandra Lyon. The first image (above) is also Kim Barton. Oh, and did I mention she had a cape dress? You know how I feel about those! Get in my closet! 

Garth Cook
Garth Cook DOES win at life! 
Presenting a glimpse into three different collections, Cook is a high achiever. The first collection 'Barlia' featured digital prints, which I have since checked out at Periscope- they are even more exquisite up close. I want to order the white (non-sheer) dress pictured below, and the pink structured jacket. Pairing his amazing pieces with simple centre part pony tails and sneakers, these looks are just mind blowing. A male friend of mine once expressed his love for girls who wear dresses and sneakers. He was onto something. Simple, confident, beautiful and a little quirky. 

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