Friday, November 11, 2011

Nice and Bastille day Part One!

So, the best thing, is to be around for Bastille Day. This year I just happened to be holidaying in Nice for a week, fitting perfectly over the Bastille Weekend. It was the perfect, fun way to relax in the wonderful town. The fireworks, played to the awesome blasting tune of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture over looking the gorgeous beach front, was incredible. Oh, and street parties were amazing, so much going on! Gen and I donned red white and blue to do it all properly, but we may have been the only ones!

Vintage and antique shopping in Nice is actually great, particularly at a little spot called Caprice. I picked up an amazing little dress from a label with the initials LV (I'll let you decide on that one!) I have added a little illustration I made of the dress, and had to really stop myself from posting home shoes and handbags to die for! (I later got my Hermes fix in Paris so it all worked out!) Also found a few great records in the Le Disquaire Vinyl store.

For some reason people tell me they find Nice a little dull, but I really beg to differ, we were so in love with that romantic, sweet little spot! The best beaches are a short train ride out of tourist ville, and the Old town is full of charm.

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