Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Red Jeans

Loved having a lazy day off today, eating Hummingbird Cake on Duthy, reading, chatting to a friend, watching parts of five movies without watching any all the way through and cooking spaghetti.

Outfit post...
Red Cheap Monday jeans, Black Cheap Monday bat wing shirt, Marc Jacobs watch and some Leopard pumps. Pics taken about a month ago before I chopped off my hair... I am practically a Cheap Monday sales girl in this head to toe get up, if you look close enough I am probably wearing one of their rings too. Peace amigos!


  1. Great outfit!! I really loved your shoes!!!

  2. what beautiful color those pants are!

  3. Hot, love the jeans!! I've always been apprehensive about buying wacky coloured jeans, have never quite found the right ones! Love these!