Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Packed for Europe!

Woohoo I am done! Packed all of my Europe outfits, into one smallish suitcase! To be fair it was the smallest one we had in the house. Lots of summery cotton dresses, brogues, converse sneakers and a few skinny jeans and t-shirt combos. So excited, now I just have to finish off my portfolios to be printed, bound and posted. Yahoo! I think this justifies a Mint Slice Biscuit treat. Oh and no, this picture is not of my suitcase, I do not think that is small!

Picture by Peppermunk.


  1. Safe travels!! Looking forward to all of the wonderful pictures from Europe. Hope your time is fruitful and enjoyable:)

  2. you are so lovely, have so much fun :) now following your blog!

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    xo galmeetsglam.com

  3. oh wow! i have that exact suitcase!!! idk how shes sitting on it tho...its really flimsy.. must be 'pretending' haha I hope ur have/had/having fun in Europe!