Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Preview of my new website

Just a little look at what I am putting together for my new website. I am not a web designer at all, so it is taking me a little while longer than I would like to make, but my site is nearly ready. It is to show my work in mainly costume and set design, but will have illustrations and millinery as well. I did make one but decided to change it and started over. Perfectionist? Something like that.
The collage is made up of my set and costume designs over the past year.

Credit must be given to Jon Green, as a lot of these photos were his.


  1. You are one talented lady. These costumes/sets are amazing. AH-MAAZING. :)

  2. You're so talented, I'd love to be a costume designer, but your designs are perfect!
    I love your blog btw! x