Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Europe and London here I come!

So a picture is worth a thousand words... well, take a look at these pictures and see how long it has been since I went on a holiday! Here is me, just turning 21 in London. Why am I putting these up? Well, after years (6ish!) today I finally booked my flights for my next big trip!!!!! EEEEEEEK! I am soooo excited! I am heading all over too, which is wonderful.

Starting in Prague, for the Prague Quadrennial which will be amazing! It is like a huge thing that happens once every four years, and pretty much theatre designers from all over the world take over Prague for ten days. EEEP! So excited to see it all, meet new people, get inspiration I could never even dream of and meet up with a whole heap of beloved Perth friends from WAAPA who I will not have seen in a few months shy of a year by then!

Then I am back packing through parts of Europe, doing a huge loop of Italy and all sorts of other places (the list is long my friends!) and I am trying to organize a theatre design placement in London for the last part. Haven't secured anything yet, so watch this space.

Pictured is me geeking out in front of the Royal Shakespeare Academy in Stratford Upon Avon, at the Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardens and in front of well, the bridge!
The Peter Pan statue was of huge significance to me, still is, and the story of author J.M Barrie having it erected in the middle of the night back in 1912 is fabulous. In the Times the next morning he had this added...

"There is a surprise in store for the children who go to Kensington Gardens to feed the ducks in the Serpentine this morning. Down by the little bay on the south-western side of the tail of the Serpentine they will find a May-day gift by Mr J.M. Barrie, a figure of Peter Pan blowing his pipe on the stump of a tree, with fairies and mice and squirrels all around. It is the work of Sir George Frampton, and the bronze figure of the boy who would never grow up is delightfully conceived."

What a delight. Magic. So excited!


  1. thank you darling!
    it's fantastic !
    if you will come in sicily just let me know so we could meet!
    I live in Catania

  2. great news, so exciting for you!!

  3. very exciting honey... I'm hopeing to be in europe for 2012... lots o love xx