Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Chaos costume design

There are so many inspiring moments that come with the design and construction process, and designing for A Little Touch of Chaos, was by far, no exception. I had such an incredible and fun little crew, headed up by Elly Sumner, who is one of those faces, on my "one to watch list" and incidentally my 'MUST work with again' list. We were doing a lot of different costumes, covering about four eras, and a lot of the time these needed to be represented by costume to establish, who on stage was living in 1975, who was in 2010 etc. I tend to love vintage, and in particular, since our budget was low, I was trying to put looks together with makes which incorporated some of my favorite vintage pieces from the wardrobe.

I died over designing for the character of Maxine who was my Mary-Kate moment. I put her in t-shirts, fur, lots of rings, a knit hat, vintage leather backpack, and a t-shirt dress for cocktail. I loved that dress, it was the most beautiful fabric, which I made poor Nick dye over and over to make it more navy. I must make myself one of those dresses soon, slippery crepe or no!

I also had a lot of fun with Hillary, who had the most costume changes. She was a cinema worker, so I got to live out my ultimate Popcorn uniform look, little hat and all, as well as the flower child dress, adorned with flowers and ruffles, it ended up taking on a life of its own that dress, and sadly I was far too short to ever wear it, Adele who played Hillary is a lot taller than me!

Included are pictures of our costume space with half of my renderings on the wall, me taking a pic of the green flower child dress, Elly doing the all important paperwork for the show, and the wedding dress before we made it more bogan, along with our costume rack... more to follow. x

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