Monday, July 19, 2010

Second Semester

Starts right here! Ten weeks to go and Oh-so much work to do!

We are gearing up for our exhibition, which opens October 25th at the QV1 Building at the top of St George's terrace. Genevive and I volunteered to be the reps from Design for our meetings and gather ideas etc. So exciting, there are so many cool things to exhibit from the shows. Props, costumes, sound tracks, photos, prompt copies and so much more it's going to be great.

This week I'll be working on my event design model and my work on Chaos continues, it's sorta more relaxed as there aren't a billion meetings to attend for a few weeks. We have some pretty cool classes for our final semester too- and one great Icons project, in which we design based around someone we love. I am thinking of doing Amelia Earhart, a woman with adventure in mind. Plus she was a damn stylish woman!

Over the next few weeks I think I'll profile some of the WAAPA students, since they are such interesting folk. So watch this space.

Yey for warm sunny days in winter. Much love. xx

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