Thursday, June 24, 2010

Joking Apart 2010

Anyone for Tennis? Wouldn't that be nice...

Last week the season of Joking Apart closed. It was a long journey for me, and one which I learnt a lot from. Creating a garden indoors then flooding it with lights (not the UV kind) each night turned out quite well, when all is said and done.

The best part of the show were my crew, whom I loved working with. From driving around to pick up soup mugs all over town, to stealing trees branches from the curb-side and later early morning expeditions to get our real trees (kindly donated to us by the wonderful people at Indoor Gardens), it was so much fun.

My workshop crew made me feel at home in an environment where I could quite easily feel foolish and out of place. I was blessed with an incredible team of builders, painters and giggling girls who can really pull together. As the invisible curtain closed on the final night (not that the fire curtain didn't try it's hardest to ruin that!) it is with a mix of happiness and the slight twinge of sadness that I watch it all end. The happiness is that I am happy with the work done, and am glad to be able to have done and move on. The sad is that I will miss my crew.

Thank you to all that worked with me on this show, your skills at hiding monsters, gnomes, faces and so on amongst the garden are not to be protested. Your work speaks for itself and I wish you all the best in your futures. I hope that some of us are lucky enough to work together and share in the fun once more someday. Thanks to all that came and saw the show, had a laugh and supported me. Much love.

"Steak and Yorkshire Kidney Puddings? Oh get on!"

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