Thursday, May 6, 2010

Doctor Doolittle

The colour and splendour of the 1967 version of Doctor Doolittle has captured my imagination once again. It is eccentric, illogical and wonderful all at once. The film is full of stupid songs, (I often wonder why exactly they need to break into song so much) and impressive locations. From English houses, a circus, coaches and ships to a floating island, Doctor Doolittle’s adventures are weird and quirky.

Accused of being insane, Doolittle escapes prison through the help of his furry friends and sails to find a giant sea snail. The method for travel is to close ones eyes and point to a map, and hope the pages haven’t been stuck together with jam.  Marvellous!

Whilst loosely watching while I sketched and painted the colours of Doctor Doolittle merged with this season’s trench coat looks to produce some bright winter illustrations.

“Now how do you get in touch with a whale?” A good question, indeed.




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