Thursday, April 8, 2010

Santa Rosa Fire!

Super housemates / heroines Jenelle and Chloe adventures!
The case of the HOUSE FIRE!

This is a story of fire. And the way it can make you laugh, then have nightmares.

As Chloe and I sat in our living room watching a Nancy Meyers film, our youngest (housemate) Caleb, who is teaching himself to cook, yells out “Guys, I have a bit of a fire!”

And sure enough, he did. Despite his insistence that he “followed the recipe”, the pot he had heated (for a good fifteen minutes) half a litre or more of oil in to deep fry his chips was ablaze, and soon our kitchen looked to be the same. The house, we observed as we began to choke, was absorbed by a thick cloud of heavy smoke. This did not look good for our heroines.

As I attempted to find a fire extinguisher, (which turns out we don’t have) Chloe rang her parents for advice and Caleb, was busy being Caleb. (Whom we love). To stop the flames licking and slightly melting the cupboards above the stove, we had to stop it. We sent Caleb off to the nearest houses for a fire extinguisher, and covered the pot with the lid. It emitted smoke for a while, and when Caleb returned in vain (he had tried two houses, both of which were empty of owners and didn’t notice the families playing in the front yards across the street), we picked up the pot with holders and carried it outside. From there Caleb did the honours of hosing it off. A meter thick steam cloud ‘whooshed’ above in spectacular but never to be repeated fashion.

Leaving the doors and windows open, the three of us, still coughing up smoke left to lie in the driveway and breathe again. I guess it was really not helpful for Caleb that Chloe and I to broke into hysteric laughter, but well to be honest, that is what happened next. Rolling on the driveway as the day faded, our lungs recovered, Caleb hung his head in shame, and Chloe and I reminisced over all of the crazy things that had happened in our time living together. So far, this was our first fire. Somehow Caleb just didn’t find this as funny as we did.

The nightmares part? Well that came later that night as I slept. Yellowy-orange flames overtaking the kitchen, spreading into the house, and no fire extinguisher to be found.

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