Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Life of Brian

The other day at work, I came across a beautiful email, which I have decided to share with you. Now, I must start by telling you that I did not know the sender, it was sent to “all” within the company. It went like this…

Hi Friends,

Well its time after 42 years, I have decided to retire. Last week I turned 60, what a shock to the system!!! I’ve realized I’m not going to get another 60 years so we are off to Europe and beginning to do all the things we have wanted to do. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support and friendship over the many years.

As you all know in this industry there’s always a story to tell… so here’s mine…

Many years ago, I hired a weekend cleaner, however he never came to work on one particular weekend. I asked him why and he said, “I’m a religious person and I don’t like the movie you screen.” I said “Which one?” he replied- “The Life of Brian”.

I wish everyone all the best for the future, take care,

Brian Rose.

You know what? I know I will never meet Brian Rose, nor that his message was meant for me to read, in particular, but I am happy to know that he is out there, sipping wine in Tuscany, marveling at the churches of Rome, breaking bread in Paris.

All the best Brian and thank you. It is kind of nice to know that after so long working for an industry like this one, someone out there can warmly say goodbye to “friends”.

 Oh and by the way the photo is of me at 21 visiting the Peter Pan statue when I was in London. 

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